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Avant Guardian

Avant Guardian Thumbnail

Avant Guardian is a top-down boss only game combining painting and combat. The game arena is a dynamic setting where colors you paint with affect both the player and boss alike as you try to bring color back into a barren world.

Reponsibilities: producer, animation programmer

Quoth the Raven

Quoth the Raven Thumbnail

Quoth the Raven is a point-and-click puzzle game where you play as Edgar Allan Poe’s mischievous pet raven. Wreak havoc through the streets of 1800s Baltimore in order to provide inspiration for Poe’s stories!

Reponsibilities: producer, lead gameplay programmer

King Fling

King Fling Thumbnail

The enemy king has taken over your castle! Launch yourself from a cannon to knock him off and reclaim your castle while doing your best not to destroy it in the process!

Reponsibilities: producer, lead gameplay programmer

Beyond Home

Beyond Home Thumbnail

In Beyond Home you are the captain of LIEV-E, a giant ship with the last remnants of humanity on board after their home planet of Tella was destroyed. Explore the galaxy by discovering new planets and the secrets they hide through rich lore. Colonize the planets and manage your resources carefully!

Reponsibilities: UI programmer, designer

Trick or Retreat

Trick or Retreat

Trick or Retreat is a light-hearted Halloween game where you play as a lost trick or treater trying to find your way home -- and get as much candy as you can on the way! Find the key pieces, power up with costumes and watch out for the other trick or treaters who act like real monsters!

Reponsibilities: producer, gameplay programming, level designer